We hope that all four and bipeds have come well into the new year and look forward to seeing you again or get to know each other! Henry is always on the way. He drives to the horses and trains With horse and horse owner on site. Its base is in Ostwestfalen. He goes to every angle in Germany and everywhere in the world. The last week of the month he is in Switzerland. If you are interested in a workout or want to watch, please contact us in the office or send us a contact form under contact: Office: Irina Hochstein | 0151 59 42 58 59 | info@henrysandkuhle.com


If one or more of the points apply to your horse, Henry gives free advice on Fridays from 7pm to 8pm. Outside of Germany only available per Whatsapp
Please send an e-mail with the following information:

• Name and phone number
• Age of the horse
• How long has the horse been with you?
• Breed / Gender
• Topic of conversation

Henry will then get in touch with you.


Henry works with people and horses at home and abroad. The coaching can be offered in the following languages:

• German
• Spanish
• Dutch
• English
• French
• Lithuanian
• Russian (limited)


• Switch to bitless riding
• Riding without tools; the switch to riding only via thought
• Starting a young horse
(Coming soon)


You will find a lot of offers for ground work and riding presented in fancy words , be it in Latin, French and others.
The most important, however, is, if your horse is moving smoothly in a l l parts of the body during the exercise.

• Your horse should have a satisfied expression afterwards.
• Get to know the facial expression of your horse, a curious and alert horse with a shine in the eyes is usually a healthy horse.
• If you have stress, find a way to reduce it before going to your horse.
• When we have a disgruntled horse, the cause always lies with us. Either within the environment, stabling or training and handling of the horse.
• A healthy horse makes a smooth, supple impression when moving, a wave runs through the whole horse at walk. If this is not the case, we have to find the cause.
• Our horse should be touchable everywhere, there should not be any scars that are too dry, too wet, too cold, or too hardened.
• Our horse should have a pleasant smell; bad smell indicates illness or stress
• Only let someone work with your horse (blacksmith, rider) if you are sure that your horse will be treated the way you want. Intervene if a so-called professional thinks he has to roughly reprimand your horse
• Find out about the possibility of letting your horse run barefoot, it is significantly healthier and better for the hoof mechanics, as well as for keeping your horse healthy, since it affects the whole organism

VAlways ensure a break away option when tying your horse.
• If we give treats, we distort the relationship with our horse

Listen to your gut feeling, you will almost always be right with it.

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