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We hope that all four and bipeds have come well into the new year and look forward to seeing you again or get to know each other! Henry is always on the way. He drives to the horses and trains With horse and horse owner on site. Its base is Read more…

Pferde-Therapie Henry Sandkuhle

Therapy areas

ÁREAS TERAPEÚTICAS Henry ha llegado a conocer intensamente numerosos caballos diferentes de todas las disciplinas. Se ha enfrentado con casi todos los problemas conocidos en el mundo ecuestre. PERSPECTIVA/ OBJETIVOS Henry quiere sensibilizar a las personas; en el trato con caballos, montando a caballo, en las condiciones de vida, Read more…

Pferde-Therapie Henry Sandkuhle Pferdetrainer Anamnese

Case Study

Henry visits you and your horse to give you an overall evaluation of your horse, be it to get to the bottom of a problem or to optimize the circumstances. In the study, all areas are considered and looked into: behavior, physical appearance, movements, hoof stand, teeth, bridle, saddle, daily Read more…

Pferde-Therapie Henry Sandkuhle


Henry Sandkuhle meets the horses at eye level. In a playful way, he quickly develops an atmosphere where he invites the horses to relax near him. He emanates a unique calm, security and confidence He reduces physical movements to a minimum. The transmission of energetic information is understood by the Read more…

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During his work with horses, Henry has found that the safety he conveys, gives the horse the opportunity to overlearn traumatic experiences in a very short time. This happens in a neutral space, so to speak, in which the horse moves freely as far as possible. This gives the horse Read more…

Pferde-auf-der-equitana Therapie Henry Sandkuhle


Example of a clinic schedule: • Objective: goals of the participants • Character, movement and behavior of your own horse • Special attention to problems while riding or on the ground • Completion with recommendations for each individual participant Upon request, discussion of follow-up clinics for further development ACCOMPANIMENT Henry Read more…

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