Example of a clinic schedule:

• Objective: goals of the participants
• Character, movement and behavior of your own horse
• Special attention to problems while riding or on the ground
• Completion with recommendations for each individual participant

Upon request, discussion of follow-up clinics for further development


Henry comes to visit you at certain intervals to accompany you in your development after a first case study.

This can be in competition as well as in the leisure area.

Henry Sandkuhle accompanies the ambitious competition rider as well as the leisure rider in innovative ways. His high level of sensitivity and inner calmness enable him to work with extremely difficult horses.

In addition there are phone calls and video support to complement in between visits


Coming soon


Often, the information provided by the seller does not correspond to the facts and consequently there are problems in handling or while riding.

If you want to buy a horse but are not sure whether you would make the right choice, Henry will be able to help you.

He gives you information about the build of the horse, as well as the character and emotional state.

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